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Student Resources

Grade 9 Student Resources

Please note that the essays provided here are only PARTIAL samples. For a full sample essay, please ask your classroom teacher.

Grade 9 in a Page

Turnitin.com Student Instructions

Short Story Terminology

Books for Grade 9 Independent Reading Unit

Book Love Ballot

Five Paragraph Essay Instructions

Sample Student Five Paragraph Essay

Sample Newspaper Report

Paragraph Planning Chart

Sample A One Paragraph Response

Sample B One Paragraph Response

Sample B Paragraph Planning Chart

Introduction to Mythology

An Introduction to Mythology

Mythology Assignment

Sample Mythology Presentation

My Myth Story

Creation of Titans and the gods COMIC

TKAM Chapter Questions

Introduction to Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet Questions

Writing an Editorial Grade 9 ISP

ISP Instructions (for Elizabethan Era)

ISP Instructions (for Civil Rights Era)

ISP Student Sample (Editorial)

ISP Student Sample (Annotated Bibliography)

ISP Sample (Editorial AND Annotated Bibliography)

ISP Sample 2 (Editorial AND Annotated Bibliography)


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