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Grade 12 AP (Literature)

Welcome to Grade 12 Advanced Placement English!

Students who choose ENG 4UP have successfully demonstrated significant critical thinking, argumentation, and language skills in their grade 9, 10, and 11 English courses.  You are now ready to prepare for AP Literature and Composition Exam

Visit here for a full description of the AP Literature and Composition Exam

In addition to fulfilling the curriculum requirements of Grade 12 University English, students in Grade 12AP will also complete five additional assignments that will prepare them to write the AP exam in May.   Students may take the average of their assignments and add it to their mark at the end of the semester.  Students should write all of the assignments to maximize both their learning and preparation for the exam.

These assignments are meant to challenge students at the level of Advanced Placement study.  See below for a sample of what you can expect! 

  1. AP Summer Reading. View a Past Summer Reading Assessment
  2. A Prose Analysis Essay. View a Past Prose Analysis Essay Assignment
  3. A Free Response Essay. View a Past Free Response Essay Question (from AP College Board)
  4. Multiple Choice Passages. See the College Board Website for Multiple Choice preparation strategies and sample questions.
  5.  Poetry Analysis Assignment. See a sample AP Poetry Unit


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