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Grade 10

Welcome to Grade 10 English at Bishop Allen!

Grade 10 English is terrific!  You will read a variety of texts, and not just novels and plays, but films and works of media as well. You will be asked to analyze these texts and form interesting and unique observations about them. You will gain communication and thinking skills that will help you not only in this class, but in further English courses as well!

Your units of study will cover short stories, William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a fiction novel, a poetry unit, a media unit, and an Individual Study Project!  And, of course, a final exam!

You can read much more about each of the Grade 10 English courses by following the links below.

Grade 10 Academic English

Grade 10 Applied English

Grade 10 Advancement English

Grade 10 Locally Developed English

Please visit our STUDENT RESOURCES page for Essay and ISP Instructions, as well as sample student work!!

A significant highlight of the grade 10 course is the School Wide Media Expo in which all grade 10 students participate.  Check this page for specifics, including past winners and sample student work.


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