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All Bishop Allen English Teachers can be reached at the contact information listed below.

Name Email Phone

Call 416-393-5549


Sandra Caravaggio sandra.caravaggio@tcdsb.org 80590
Cecilia Conroy cecilia.conroy@tcdsb.org 82496
Drazana Cuvalo-Pedro drazana.cuvalo-pedro@tcdsb.org 83115
Adrian Del Monte adrian.delmonte@tcdsb.org 81358
Maria D’Amata maria.damata@tcdsb.org 81798
Dina Mastrofrancesco  (Department Head) dina.mastrofrancesco@tcdsb.org 80636
Anne Sator anne.sator@tcdsb.org 83065
Erika Schroll erika.schroll@tcdsb.org 81266
Tatjana Schomer tatjana.schomer@tcdsb.org 81349
Halyna Stasiv halyna.stasiv@tcdsb.org 84537
Catherine Stasiw catherine.stasiw@tcdsb.org 81984
Luke Wilson luke.wilson@tcdsb.org 84613

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